The Story of Forhad

January 27, 2020, by adminvertex

Forhad has been a rickshaw puller in Dhaka for the past 12 (twelve) years. He was born with deformed legs and a hunch on his back. Despite these physical limitations, Forhad chose not to resort to begging. But instead, he chose to work for a living. With the assistance of one of the partners of Vertex Chambers, Forhad purchased a rickshaw. However, that rickshaw was confiscated by the police on account of it being unregistered. Forhad then sought the assistance of Vertex Chambers to purchase a ‘motorized’ rickshaw, the price of which was Taka 35,000. Forhad had managed to contribute some money towards purchase of the rickshaw and the balance was paid by Vertex Chambers as part of its Community Awareness program.

We applaud and respect people like Forhad, who, despite having severe limitations in their lives, both physical and social, choose to strive to make a living through hard work and effort.

Forhad visits us every weekend to take one of the Partners of Vertex Chambers for Friday prayers. During the week, he graciously comes by whenever needed and takes us where we need to go on his new motorized rickshaw.