At Vertex, we believe in organic growth. We take pupillages seriously and hope to produce leadership within our own members. Our work is intellectually challenging and financially rewarding. The working atmosphere at Vertex is friendly and not like stuffy traditional law firms. We appreciate that the initial life of a young lawyer in Bangladesh is a penurious rite of passage and with that in mind we offer competitive remuneration packages.


Application requirement:

  • Bangladeshi University Graduates: Candidates are expected to have a first or upper second class or equivalent grade in their undergraduate degree from a reputed University. Candidates with Master of Laws (LL.M) degree will be preferred.
  • International University Graduates: Candidates from UK or other Commonwealth Universities are expected to have at least a lower second class (2.2) or equivalent grade in their undergraduate degree. Candidates with Master of Laws (LL.M) or Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or Legal Practice Course (LPC) degree will be preferred.


Application Process:

We have a three phase application process :

  • Phase 1: Applicants will submit their resume, a covering letter and two letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation must not be from the candidates’ relatives. The letters of recommendation must be from the candidates’ university professors or from someone who can comment candidly on the candidates’ intellectual abilities. The resume must set out in details the candidates’ grades achieved in each year at the University, the overall grade obtained, any prizes and scholarship won, extra-curricular activities undertaken and list of publication, if any. The resume and covering letter must not exceed 1 (one) A4 size page.
  • Phase 2: If the applicants successfully pass Phase 1, we will invite the shortlisted candidates at our chambers for a pre-set 30 minute Test involving a legal problem that is usually based on a case Vertex Chambers has worked on. At Phase 2, we are primarily looking for a candidate’s analytical skill under pressure and the ability to express in a clear and concise manner.
  • Phase 3: Those who pass Phase 2 will be invited to an interview at Vertex. The interview will test the candidate’s ability to think on his or her feet, engage in a conversation involving legal analysis and effective communication skills. Also, we will judge the candidate’s motivation to succeed at the Bangladesh Bar.


Contact details:

Applications for pupillage and all related documents must be sent by hard-copy and marked Pupillage Application at:

Vertex Chambers
Millennium Castle,
5th Floor, House 47, Road 27
Block – A, Banani 1213
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Any enquiries in relation to pupillages should be sent to Mr. Tanvir Quader, Recruitment Partner at

Internship or mini-pupillages:

We may offer from time to time internship or mini-pupilage opportunities for local and international University students. All application and query in this regard should be sent to Mr. Tanvir Quader, Recruitment Partner at

Interested applicants must submit their resume, a covering letter and two letters of recommendation from their University Professors in an envelope marked mini-pupillage/internship at the address mentioned above.