The Story of Juel

January 27, 2020, by adminvertex

The current Partners of Vertex met Juel for the first time over 5 years ago, when he took the position of a District Court Clerk at a chambers where they worked. After he started going to court on a regular basis, Juel expressed his interest to study law. Two of the Partners of Vertex Chambers decided to personally finance Juel’s undergraduate law degree.


After joining Vertex Chambers, Juel continued with his studies and he completed his undergraduate law degree in September 2012. “Juel is now an Advocate of the District and Session Judge’s Court, Dhaka, enrolled in the year 2014. For Juel, what started as a journey in which he walked behind us, carrying our books and files, has now moved forward with Juel walking side by side with all the other lawyers of Vertex as an ally and comrade in the legal profession. All of us at Vertex Chambers wish him the very best.”